Content Optimization & Marketing Training

Content Optimization

Content refer to the written material which you can see and read on website. Optimization is the process of making your website’s particular page or home page on your website more attractive to search engines and users.

Significant of Content Optimization

Describing services in the best words is one of the best ways to make products and services famous on web. It is must to take businesses to the heights of success. The quality of website content is important for business’s success. In this case, we offer a complete range of content optimization training. Our content writing training encompasses content editing, technical writing, SEO content writing and copywriting.


Do you want to demonstrate your writing skills in real-world assignments? Come at Digital VidhyaPeeth; the best training institute in the field of content writing training. We are dedicated to our students and aim to provide them the finest and highest quality training classes and help them to make a pathway for the students to build a career in the field of content writing. We help the students to acquire the important practical skills and professional knowledge that are needed to meet the job requirement. Our content optimization training institute helps you to learn everything which you need in your content writing. We have a good track record in the SEO field.


• Site Research: In site research, you will learn how to find out Google Page rank, site’s age and more. Once you know how to conduct this research and where the site’s strength and weakness lie then you know what to do.

• Onsite optimization: : in onsite optimization, you will learn how to build in relevant and high paying keywords into your CSS and HTML code. You can also learn to how to highlight important keywords for search engines, create anchor text and how to use titles and tags and also how too smartly title articles using keywords.

• Keyword Research: When we talk about of SEO, keyword research is the most important area. Content optimization training course helps you perform keyword research using paid and free tools. You can understand what keywords look and how keywords work well on paper could produce negative results. You can understand long tail keywords and key phrases.

• Title tags: One of the most important elements of website optimization which tells the viewers what the page is about in just a few words.