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Hotjar Training

If you want to learn how to increase the income and get more traffic from your blog, you should ask a question yourself,” How do I understand my visitors better?” Analysis and Feedback are the answers of this question. Our training institute Digital VidhyaPeeth can help you to get better analytics and insights into user behavior with Hotjar training.

Hotjar Training Noida

Hotjar is easy and new way to truly understand your mobile site and web visitors. It is a new powerful tool that reveals the online voice and behavior of your users. Our Hotjar training gives you the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site’s performance and experience by combining both analysis and feedback tools. The analysis tool allow you to observe and measure user behavior what users do while the feedback tools allow you to hear what your users have to say.

Why Hotjar Training?

Hotjar is the only all in one and unlimited analytics and feedback solution. It is also unique in the way it approaches data collection and pricing. Hotjar is not an alternative to Google Analytics. It should ideally be used together with a web analytics solution. With the help of our Hotjar Training, you can truly understand your web and mobile site visitors by seeing how they interact with your pages and by understanding why they behave the way they do. It allows you to quickly identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

While we cannot assure you that your site will not be affected in any way whatsoever, the Hotjar script has been designed to have a minimal effect on your site performance. It is primarily because Hotjar’s usage tracking only works in modern browsers which execute JavaScript efficiently.

The web has a couple of tools which help you observe and know reader behavior and Hotjar is one of them.

Our expert team provides you Hotjar Training with a list of its features:

    • 1. Visitors Recordings
    • 2. Heatmaps
    • 3. Conversation Funnels
    • 4. Form Analytics
    • 5. Create Polls
    • 6. Surveys

There is much more at Digital Vidhyapeeth, and among the most sought after features include; Heatmaps, Video Recordings and the Funnels.

Hotjar Dashboard View:-

As per below screen you can see when we will login to Hotjar then given dashboard we will get. Here you can see all the features whatever we have in Hotjar.

hotjar training institute
Benefit of Hotjar:-

Earlier we are using multiple tools to know the website performance, user behavior but now all can be done at a single platform i.e Hotjar.